Marion Festing 2011

Prof. Dr. Marion Festing


Marion Festing’s main research focus is on International Human Resource Management. She has co-authored textbooks in German and in English language.

Currently, several research projects are investigated by the team of the Chair of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership. Research questions are usually placed in a broader theoretical context.

Often the analyses include individual as well as organizational perspectives. All projects include qualitative or quantitative empirical investigations.

Currently, research is conducted on the following subjects:

  • International HRM with special emphasis on emerging countries
  • Global Talent Management
  • Global Careers
  • Global Reward Management
  • Intercultural Learning and Intercultural Competence
  • Intercultural Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Latest research results are displayed on the Publication Page.

Applied Research

Groupe Renault
The Renault Chair of Intercultural Management aims to develop a better understanding of how cultural diversities impact the structure and the operation of organizations. For more information, see here . This research supports decisively the Excellence Centre for Intercultural Management.
Talent Management Institute
For research of the Talent Management Institute, see here .
Loopline Systems
Together with Loopline Systems the Chair further develops company feedback tools to influence employee behavior.
Together with EY the Chair investigates the management of non-family talent in strategic positions of family businesses in Europe.
Aon Hewitt
Together with Aon Hewitt the Chair investigates European Reward Governance.
Together with Haufe the Chair investigates changes in the working environment in German companies: organizational culture, structure and employee behavior - Implications for Talent Management.